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Representative Projects


Municipality of North Grenville

eQuinelle is currently under development as Kemptville's first Town & Country community. This exciting project involves the development of a 500 acre parcel of land into a single family and multi-unit residential subdivision surrounding a championship golf course with associated commercial and recreational land uses. The design plan has taken into consideration the unique local environmental conditions, resulting in the creation of fish habitat and wetlands within the golf course. The extensive engineering and planning aspects of this project requires Novatech's multi-disciplinary expertise to successfully design the required servicing for this exceptional development. The engineering design involves all aspects of land development including sanitary sewer and pump stations, water and water storage facility, stormwater management, grading, utility design and construction project management. It also includes extensive off-site works in conjunction with extension of services from Kemptville and upgrading the town sewage treatment plan. The planning aspects included an official plan amendment, rezoning, and site plan applications.

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Arbourbrook Estates


Arbourbrook Estates is an upscale community of sixty-seven 2-acre residential lots located within 190 acres of idyllic country side. The project was designed to maintain and enhance the rural character of the property, and included the preservation of an existing covered bridge, log farmhouse and tree-covered areas. A pathway system was created along Richardson Creek, a tributary of the Carp River, which meanders through the development. Engineering design included a rural subdivision design plan consisting of stormwater management, well and septic systems, utilities, roads and grading design. Construction management was also a key aspect to the project. Planning design included rezoning and subdivision agreements.

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Montmartre on the Market

Dalhousie Street and Guigues Street, Ottawa

This mixed residential and commercial development combines two 100+ year-old wood-framed buildings with a new four-storey concrete, steel & wood-framed structure. The complete development provides 22 residential units, 3 commercial units and an underground parking structure. Heritage components of the existing buildings were retained, and the new structure was designed to fit into the existing low-rise streetscape.

In order to determine which components could be retained, or needed upgrading, and which components required replacement, Novatech undertook a structural investigation. As one building required extensive internal demolition and reconstruction, Novatech prepared demolition and construction phasing plan to maintain the stability of the buildings during the work. The structural work also included underpinning details for both buildings to transfer building loads to rock and to allow construction of the underground garage immediately adjacent to the existing buildings. Structural upgrades included additional steel framing to carry a new rooftop storey on one building, and reinforcement within the existing roof structure to support snow accumulation from adjacent higher buildings.

For the new building, Novatech provided complete civil and structural engineering services, including design and details for site services, the underground parking, courtyard deck, transfer beams, and wood-framed superstructure.

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Confederation Blvd

Sussex/MacKenzie/Rideau, Ottawa

In order to build the exclusive condominium development at 700 Sussex, extensive transportation and municipal design was required to upgrade Confederation Boulevard along Sussex Drive, Rideau Street and MacKenzie Avenue. Novatech was responsible for completion of the Civil design works and the coordination of landscape and electrical design completed by the NCC's landscape consultant.

A critical and integral part of this work involved the preparation of a traffic and pedestrian management plan. Novatech completed a detailed Traffic Study both for the long term impact and short term impacts during construction. Design services included transportation analysis, roadway functional and detail design, utility design and construction management services.

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College Square

Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa

This project involved the demolition of an existing commercial development and the construction of a new commercial development. The site is approximately seven hectares with 280,000 sq. ft. of commercial space within eight buildings.

The project required the design and development of servicing in relation to available capacity in existing mains. Also, a deep City sanitary trunk sewer was relocated through the site to accommodate one of the building locations and the existing trunk sewer was abandoned. As part of the stormwater management component of the site, the parking areas were graded to accommodate ponding of stormwater.

Coordination was required for the phasing of, and access to, the development as some businesses remained in operation until their future space was built. A city road was built in conjunction with this project, which required coordination of construction timing and access/entrance openings and closures.

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Kanata Research Park


Since the development of the original 100 acres approximately 500 additional areas have been purchased and are either under development or proceeding through the development process. Novatech has been involved since the beginning, providing a full range of planning and engineering services for the subdivision as well as site development projects. Services include feasibility studies, planning and approvals, municipal infrastructure, environmental and stormwater management, site plan approvals, civil works for site development along with contract administration and inspection during construction.

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Terry Fox Drive Widening


This project involved the widening of Terry Fox Drive from a 2-lane rural cross-section to a 4-lane urban cross-section. Included among the preliminary and detailed design project elements were: an updating of the Traffic Forecast from that presented in the ESR, 2 public open houses, presentation to the T.T.C., extensive integrated sound barrier / retaining wall requirements, reinforcement of the underground hydro throughout the project, T.C.S. and streetlighting, development of 2 major intersections and landscaping enhancements.

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Township of Rideau Lakes Official Plan

Three and one-half years after the restructuring of five municipalities to form the new Township of Rideau Lakes, Novatech was retained to develop a new Official Plan. A Steering Committee which provided guidance and advice on the project was formed to work with Novatech. As this township is a major recreational area best known for its many water bodies and the historical Rideau Waterway system, the preparation of an Official Plan document which addressed recreational, environmental and heritage issues was a challenging project. As the largest municipality in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville geographically, the public consultation component of the project involved numerous open houses and extensive use of the Township's website for posting information about the Official Plan project, as well as the draft documents. The project was completed in late 2003 and was notable in that there were no OMB appeals filed.