About Novatech


Problem solvers at heart.

That’s why our team pulls together across specialties to understand each detail of every project. We are experienced at finding the right solution to the problem, from planning and feasibility to implementation.

At Novatech, we are a close-knit team of ambitious, creative, collaborative, and professional problem solvers. We take pride in providing innovative solutions to the challenges that come with community development and infrastructure projects.


Our Directors

novatech-headshots_John Riddell

John Riddell



novatech-headshots_Murray Chown

Murray Chown


Director, Planning & Development

novatech-headshots_Edson Donnelly

Edson R. Donnelly


Director, Public Sector Infrastructure

novatech-headshots_Susan Gordon

Susan M. Gordon

P.Eng., MBA

Director, Land Development

novatech-headshots_Greg MacDonald

Greg MacDonald


Director, Land Development & Public Sector Infrastructure

novatech-headshots_Melanie Riddell-2

Melanie E. Riddell


Director, Land Development

novatech-headshots_Lee Sheets

J. Lee Sheets


Director, Land Development & Public Sector Infrastructure

novatech-headshots_Greg Winters

Greg Winters


Director, Planning & Development


Our Core Values


We are experts at navigating complexity.

That means we distill complex problems into simple, accurate, elegant solutions and then execute them thoroughly and strategically. It means leaving no stone unturned. It means asking, “there’s always an answer, but is this the best one?”... and then not giving up until the answer is “yes.”


We are multi-disciplinary.

We believe that collaboration and the creative sharing of ideas leads to better, more robust solutions. Our integrative approach is one of our greatest strengths: it allows us to draw on a wide range of expertise (both internally and externally), take a big picture perspective, and think outside the box.


We take pride in our work.

And that means taking pride in the culture of our workplace, too. We take great satisfaction from a job well done, and we enjoy sharing that satisfaction and success with our colleagues. We encourage opportunities for growth, advancement, learning, and mentorship—at every age and level of experience—knowing that we all benefit from it.


We communicate openly & honestly.

Our reputation and credibility are founded on trust and mutual respect—for our clients, employees, colleagues, stakeholders, and approval agencies. We maintain that reputation by acting with integrity and being respectful of others’ perspectives and expertise.


We build for the long term.

We believe in sustainability—of people, of work, of business, of our environment. We recognize that our work shapes the community we live and work in, and we are intent on shaping it for the better. And we continue to develop and nurture strong, positive relationships within the industry and community—like we have since our founding over 40 years ago.

When it comes to understanding the needs of our clients, we leave no stone unturned. Reach out today to see how we can help.


We would love to hear from you.