Land Use Planning


Integrated planning support and development.

Novatech’s professional land use planners ensure their clients understand how their development can make the most effective contribution to the community long term as well as the best ways to make it happen. Their thorough understanding of the approvals process ensures solid strategies and best-outcome timelines for obtaining approvals.

Through careful study and analysis, our professional land use planners develop strategies to make both projects and communities more efficient, functional, and sustainable. Their focus is on creating long-term land use solutions that meet the client’s expectations while benefitting the community as a whole. That means considering the economic, environmental and social impacts of different options. It also means making the most of available resources.


A team you can count on when you need it most.

Our professional land use planners bring a wealth of insight to our project teams that also include civil engineers and landscape architects. Get in touch to experience the integrated expertise offered at Novatech.


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