Urban Design & Streetscapes

In creating and responding to Community Design Plans, the design of urban precincts often involves open dialogue between landowners, community groups. multiple levels of government, and approval agencies. Prepared in written and graphic format, our design work serves to revitalize older communities and initiate beautiful new ones by applying current thinking to develop unique design concepts.

Community and Residential Development

Working with the planning group from the CDP stages through streetscapes, parks, entrance features, and focal points, on design and construction drawings guide development (often through several years of construction) to ultimate completion. Project scales vary from urban infill to several hundred hectare greenfield sites.

Environmental Restoration

Maximum biodiversity and minimum maintenance underlie our design approach for the “re-greening” of roadways, industrial sites, and quarries. Our collective experience is routinely paired with other leading consultants to ensure that the right conditions are established on the group for positive results as projects mature.

Open Space, Parks & Recreation Planning

Both public and private sector projects are undertaken with the common objective of ensuring the highest and best uses, driven by program requirements and budgets that satisfy owner and user groups. Projects vary in size from urban pocket parks to geographic watersheds. We aim to elevate the appeal and function of every space while being ever mindful of maintenance strategies.

Commercial and Institutional Sites

Encompassing everything from big-box retail sites to stand-alone commercial ventures, and both private and public section institutions, we ensure landscape quality and long-term maintenance are integral to site plan development.