Project Description

In a space with multiple stakeholders and a very active community, Novatech worked hard to achieve consensus. This required multiple meetings with Ottawa East Community Association (OECA) as well as the Park Committee within the association, SLOE (Sustainable Living Ottawa East), the Farmer’s Market Board, and the local Councillor. A signature urban park will take centre stage within the Greystone Village. Among the goals that have been met, the ambitious design of this urban park has managed to address a significant collection of Heritage trees on the site and satisfy the interests of the Heritage and Forestry consultants from the City.

A wide buffer along the Rideau River was designated to respect the natural heritage on the riverbank and provide access to this area for all. Working with SLOE (Sustainable Living Ottawa East) and the RVCA, a conceptual design will address some of the invasive species, introduce reforestation areas, and increase habitat for snapping turtles and muskies.